• [On Sale]2012 Oasisdoll Fashion:Candy Late Summer!(22 pix)



    Oasisdoll Fashion: Limited Outfits and Accessories

    Please read carefully before you make an order.

    Post by EMS
    Russia: $35
    Others depends on your location
    *If you order an Oasisdoll at the same time, outfits and accessories will be shipped with your doll.

    Only accept paypal payment , there are 4% paypal fee for the total amount you cost.

    How to make a valid order(important!)

    1.  Email me (Twiggy, killbill on DOA) included such information:

         1) As the title Order Oasisdoll

    2) Ordering items (what, how many)

    3) Your country and city (for calculating the post cost)

    4) Please note if you need a layaway
    Twiggy's email: jxy527@hotmail.com


    2.  I will email you back with such information:

    1) Your total cost

    2) Our paypal address

    3) Your payment this time

    3.   Please Email me back about your make the payment and includes your true address (with telephone number please) for receiving the dolls

    4.   I will email you back to affirm your payment and order.A valid order come into being, and the outfits will be send out in about 2 weeks,if you have an doll order at the same time, the outfits will send with the dolls.

    5.   I will email you for the post number when we send out the outfits, please not pm/email me during your waiting days for asking the outfits, hope you can understand.

    -Limited Outfits-
    Fit for:Oasisdoll Chic girll/Volks sd16 girl
    *Color could be slightly different from real color depending on monitor or PC setting.
    *All the liner of the clothes are made in satin silk.Please be careful with.
    *The shoes in the outfits displayed photos are made by Oasisdoll and not for sale.

    Model:Oasisdoll Chic girl Sacha
    More information for Sacha:http://www.blogbus.com/oasisdollnews-logs/221139709.html

    1. Light coral silk-chiffon cocktail dress $60


    2. Pale green silk-chiffon cocktail dress $60


    3. Pink purple silk gown $70


    4.One-off Vintage purple blue lace & silk full skirt (only one set worldwide),$85 (Sold out)


    5.Vintage grey lustrine silk full skirt $75



    Fit for:Oasisdoll Chic girl/Oasisdoll It girl/Volks Sd16 girl/Volks gr girl
    *Model:Oasisdoll It girl

    1.Black high-heels $40
    2.Beige high-heels $40

    *The resin sole of shoes was created by Sarina and is used in Oasisdoll only.