• Oasisdoll 2015 Special Sale event

    We will temporary close the It girl model order after this event, it will be the last chance to order Oasisdoll It Girl models.


    It Girl Body Special Sale plus Gift Dreaming head!

    Gift Dreaming heads with $400 order!

    It Girl Dreaming Head Special Sale

    Discounts for Selected It girl standard models


    Event Period 
    Sep. 22th 2015-Nov.10th 2015

  • Blog Moved!


    Hi everyone,

    We moved our blog to http://blog.sina.com.cn/oasisdollnews

    We are still taking resin doll's order and will open porcelain doll's order very soon!You could use the info which posted here to take an resin doll order, but we will only update ordering news on our new blog.

    Thank you for your supports!

  • Miss Porcelain by Oasisdoll will attend Hongkong Dollism Plus 9(HKDP 9) on July 19th. We will have 6 sets of Miss Porcelain for the event ordering. Besides Anne, Beatrice & Charlotte, we also have two new head mods- Anne smirk ver and Danielle(Sweat dream head mod).

    These six sets of Miss Porcelain will come with new Cocktail dress, wig and shoes in the display pix, three of them will also come with an extra pair of high heel feet. They only sell by set on the event with the default outfits and accessories.

    Doll painted by Sarina at Oasisdoll, doll outfits and accessories by wawazc at Elwing

  • Modle:Oasisdoll Miss Porcelain Anne

    Outfit: wawazc @ Elwing

    Paint job:wawazc


  • Oasisdoll 2013-2014 Winter event
    Discounts for selected It girl standard models 

    Event Period 
    Dec.5th 2013-Jan.5th 2014 

    Sleeping Yaoyue/Linglan/Naomi